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Why reading is so important?


Hello , dear all. I would like to welcome you to my new blog. I promise you that , you will find many fresh news here.

This piece of my world , will be dedicated to books, books reviews, arts and culture. Yes, you see some fashion and tech articles, but people have to challenge their inner talents all the time.

Life is a game , and I will like to give you one very beautiful “scenario”, one path in the road to nowhere or just a landscape of your dreams. Let’s dream together. But I want , all of us to dream with eyes widely open.

I had discovered the magical word of books, when I was at the age of 6 . It was in back in the times, the year was 1986. It all had started with fairy tales , which I liked to read for at least 5 times a day. I start creating with my imagination another reality. The reality of non-stopping beauty and horizons which are all the time sunny and with a big smile. Yes, I am saying smile, because when you touch the soul of your favorite author, you touch , see and feel his smile, even when he is telling to you very sad stories. Think about it, I think I am right ):)

While the time was passing and I was getting older, I think even smarter , I had started to discover many authors, many styles, many worlds. Like photographers discover new ideas with every new picture they see or take, this is how I feel with every new book, like or short story, which I came across. I am eager to read more and more. Also I have many favorite story teller, which soon will be in a hand view at this blog. I would like to emphasize that I feel very happy. This blog should had to be created at least one year ago, but for some reasons the start was slowed down. But when you have the will and the courage, things usually got happen. Yes , dare2read is now alive and kicking, maybe it will hit in the heart, or it will provoke you to read more. I do not know, I am here to follow my mission.

Take care and be good , the world of books is like the world of music, you can always be amazed, when you are not prepared for it 🙂