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10 books must read


Hello , dear people form all around the globe. It has been and will be a very nice day and start of my new blogging campaign. Have you ever thought how grey and meaningless, the life would have be without books, without authors, without heroes, without literature in school. That is why, there are some books that has to be read.

In every other site or blog you will find different standings, different people will try to convince you , that there choice is the best. Now and today , I will represent you mine :

  1. ” Jude the obscure ” by Thomas Hardy – it more than a classic book. It is an open heart window, for those who are not afraid to learn…
  2. “King Rat ” by James Clavel- I will only tell you that I read this book for 48 hours. Clavel is such a genus in writing and bringing you in worlds, which you will never want to espace.
  3. “Under the Yoke ” by Ivan Vazov. They call him the father of Bulgarian literature after our liberation from the Turks. It is a book, that will take you in some sad world, filled with expectations before the April Revolutionary in Bulgaria in 1876.
  4. “Shawshank Redemption”by Steven King.  I guess you all have watched the movie, but my recommendation is to find and read immediately this masterpiece.
  5. “The Shining”  by Steven King. Hotel Panoram and Jack NIckolson, again in the movie. I had read this book 3 times, maybe it is time to read it for the 4th time. It is a world with breath taking moments and be welcomed to the darkest fantasy inspirations and plots by Mr. King. The King of these type of books.
  6. “1Q84 ” by Haruki Murakami. I always liked and do like the Asian writers . Their point of view every time has something to surprise you.
  7. “1984” By George Orwel. Masterpiece which has to be read regularly. The Big brother is watching us.
  8. “The portrait of Doryan Gray ” by Oscar Wilde. This is legendary, also the many movies I have seen about it. Not a book, a diamond. You must have it and read it.
  9. ” Under the dome ” by Steven King. Both parts are just marvelous.
  10. “The Dark Tower -series ” by Steven KIng. Just read it and come here to discuss it with me

Have a nice day , soon I will be back with more and many new articles :):)