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Why I am fan of Stephen KIng?


Good morning , dear friends. I was not about to write today , but suddenly I decided to write few lines about my favorite author- Stephen KIng.

I am now reading one of his last books – ” End of watch “. What I can say ? You just grab the book and all other emotions and feelings are incomparable with anything else. He is the one for me. The creator and the master of imagination. No matter if I am reading short stories or novels. My attention is on 250 % over the plot of the books.

I will tell you in few points why I am total fan of his art :

  1. Master of words – he is playing with them, as they are his toys and listens to the inner voice of his will and imagination. He is playing with that ease, as Messi and Maradona are scoring goals and giving passes.
  2. The Dark tower Series ” – these books changed my life. I am really grateful about this, Mr. King. I an fan of reading more and many books, but this was masterpiece. I do not know how the movie will be. Only a genius can write such marvelous books.
  3. Short stories , that do not let you sleep – these were my first meetings with him , when I was at high school. There was one book called ” Night Shift “, the first story about the vampire in the wardrobe , I have read it over 100 times.
  4. Special thanks to Thabita King – if you have not saved “Carrie” from trash bin, I do not know which author we should have read with such passion and emotion.
  5. “Hearts in Atlantis ” – this book I recommend to anyone to read.
  6. “Shawshenk Redemption ” – the books is 1000 times better then the movie.
  7. The Shining ” – the movie, the book, the grand Jack NIckolson, hotel Panorama and Danny, the small boy which saved the day

I guess one day  , I would have the chance to take signature in personal from my favorite author. If not, I would be glad to meet him there, where he always is , will and will be – among the stars of world literature and art. Thanks for all your books, Mr . King!!!