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Haiku- pure harmony


Hello , dear friends. I see the sun, I guess the sun is also seeing and smiling at me. But the land, the people and the country which feel the light of the sun is Japan.

I never been there , but I always will want and will chase y dream to go to this picturesque place. Land and sea of emperors, samurais , ikebana, karate , art, bushido and many more ….

But one of the features , which touched me most is called Haiku. You are intelligent people and know what is this about. It is a 3 sentence poem, which says everything in few words, touches your inner universe and transform it into a place of love, harmony and wisdom.

5-7-5 is the structure of syllables, which is nothing and everything. Simplicity is the most powerful source for wisdom, love and inner peace. Somehow it could be translated as one of the ways of bushido and budism.

If you have not read any haiku, now it the time to sit and do it. Yes, the article is short and this is its meaning. Have a sunny day. Sayonara 🙂