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Good morning , dear readers and people from all around the globe. I know that his blog is too small and young, and for now there are not so many visitors. But sometime ago, I heard a story from a very famous Bulgarian author, that while you are writing your are turning your soul and mind to all the inhabitants of the Universe, who likes you will come back searching for more of your inner worlds.

As you have seen and felt from the topic, we will be speaking about the future that is happening, about the authors which predicted it, about some interesting stories and facts. I will be writing, and you will try to focus your self on the most eminent and important issues. Another issue is  , that when I am writing , I spread my wings and fly in another parallel world. Let’s fly together:

  1. Isak Asimov : a very famous author of science fiction books . One of the most popular and important is “Me, the robot “. I have to apologize to you, but I have only watched the movie 7 times. The main sentence and red line comes from the operative and ruling role of the robots/machines. They are the most powerful part of our life and even now, Japanese scientists have made a research that in 50 years, machines/computers/robots will be our bosses.
  2. Arthur Clarke : a genius, that predicted most of the things that are happening to us 50-60 years ago. With a hand on my heart, I can tell that this guy has one of the best styles in writing. His main idea is the correspondences of worlds and times, as a total the space, is our home, not just our planet. Authors, people like him had the feeling and the intuition that we are not alone in the Universe and have to search for ways, to find and to communicate with other forms of live. He reminds  a lot about Elon Musk.
  3. Luben Dilov – a Bulgarian science fiction author, one extremely intelligent man, rest in peace dear Mr. Dilov. I have read few short stories from him, but I am amazed. If you are able to tell and create new world with that ease, like walking outside to take something from the shop, than you are more of a genius in your work. I am not telling you names of his works,as I want to provoke you , to search them by yourself.
  4. Stephen King – my favorite author. I do not know why, but in every article of mine in this blog, I find the way to say something about him:) We will speak today about his sequence ” The Dark Tower “, especially about the Gunslinger. If you have read those marvelous 9 books, you can tell to yourself and tell to me, if you believe in the existing of other parallel words and also what the Dark tower is symbolizing. I can tell you , that all of the books, I read like this, for 2 -4 days each one.Even when I came back tired from work, I read till I got sleep with a head between the sheets. King is very sensitive about questions connected with paranormal, UFO and super powers. One last clue, tip Danny from “The Shining”. One of the theory from some scientists , is that the children of the new epoch , which is now, will have that powers,as they are born with them. This is such, because ultra intelligent people have to inhabit and rule the planet, in order to find the easy way to communicate with different worlds and Aliens.
  5. George Orwell – the creator of almighty Big Brother, who is seeing everything. You know his books :”1984″ and “The Farm”. He is maybe one of the best predictors of  the future. The almighty eyes which sees and controls everything is all around you, you have to turn around and think. One brilliant mind and perfect writer, had told us all that is happening nowadays…

I want to excuse to you, as in such a short post , cannot mention all the names , that deserve their presence here. Yes, future is predicted and what else is left to be predicted, maybe we will learn to fly back and forth in time. We will see? Till that time comes, do not stop reading. To read , means that you want to evaluate and open all your senses. Have a brilliant day now 🙂