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Salvador Dali – genius of the unknown


Good evening, dear hunters of wisdom and knowledge. Good evening, dear friend. Art and literature are the top of the pyramid, and the essence of human researches for ages. We are born this way to express our feeling our emotions and our inner Universes.

I will start this story, when I turn back in time, those long 23 years ago in the month of May 1994. I was studying Russian in High school and our teacher , a very intelligent woman, a woman of high education and delicate soul, said she would take us to an exhibition. It was about to be a surprise and something more..

It was one week after, and all the class entered the Royal Castle in the center of Sofia, going to exhibition of one genius – Salvador Dali. When I saw firth sculpture and painting, I felt in deep trance , in deep meditation with the inner voices – mine and of the author. ” What was this? A pure world of abstraction, total not logical forms and such a rainbow of ideas? What were those melting clocks, going back worth? “.

My whole world collapsed , I touched and was shocked by a universal power, maybe this man, painter and provocative person is not existing. Maybe, I was just dreaming, or I met some part of inner me. So many emotions attacked my heart, sole, body and mind. Maybe this way was Ainstain feeling, when created and innovated all the physical lemas and formulas. I was on the top of Volcano….

One month later, the teacher asked us to write and essay about the exhibition, this was one of my best essays. After the classes , she came to me and told me, that I should do writing for living.

I guessed I touched you, or maybe have made a little provocation. Dali is like Ainstatin for mathematics and physics. To be a genius is not an easy thing or an easy cross to carry. As Dali said in one book of his life : ” One day I woke up and realized that to be Dali is to be a genius” . R. I . P. beloved Mr. Dali, yo shacked and rocked so many worlds, thank you for being such a creative cunami and thanks for all the love you have for you Gala Eloar. Love, art and genius – Dali the powerful myth and legend, who actually was a normal man ,a man of great imagination, honor and creative crazy , that elapsed into masterpieces. One day, if I become a billionaire I will buy as many paintings of his.