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Velazquez – the portraits which speak


Good day  , dear friends. I want to tell you this story a long time ago. There are such stories , like the old wine, which need time in order to get and become more valuable and precious.

Since I was a little boy , all my family , all the elder members of it, where with a boo in their hands. They were reading so much, that in mu child head , there were some thoughts running and not conceiving the fact, that reading is so essential for live.

And so influenced, by my mother, father and grandfather I started reading a lot since my 7th years of age. And was taking one after another many and many books. One of my favorite books, during the years, while I was getting older, where the books about art, painters and poems. All the finest art and the biographies of men and women, which change the civilization and the history of their country as well.

Such person is Diego Velazquez. The one that paints as a God, yes like a real God. His paintings were first that impressed me so much in a young age. A man which painted people with such ease and master feeling, that when you look at them, you have the obsession and the scary , that they will start speaking to you, or even hug you.

I was in Madrid 7 years ago with some friends of mine. Our flat was very near to the museum of Prada. This was maybe the best choice for a flat. On the second day of our 5 day visit, we went to the museum.

While we were watching different masterpieces , by brilliant authors, I saw it , one of Velazquez most memorable paining – “Las Meninas“. Waaw, I was shocked, trembling, shouting, even become to cry…. I only read about this picture, how was painted, what efforts took to Velazquez to make such perfect and impressive figures. His own portrait seen on the picture. Alsi I had watched some Russian and Bulgarian films, which said and showed what a genius work it is for that time. He was one of the most memorable and talented person of his generation not only in Spain, but in Italy and Europe. I was hypnotized, this masterpiece was standing right in front of me. I was wondering, if I was watching the picture, or the people from the picture were watching at me. It was like the effect of flash of lightening hitting you straight on your head and I remained speechless . I was blessed…

We moved out from the museum, but I wanted to see more of my favorite picture of Mr. Velazquez. A girl from our company said, she will be coming with me. We rushed and I went again there, staring at the same picture – “Las Meninas”, this was my cure, my medicine for all my senses for this day and many more ahead….

One friend of mine told me, that the great portrait masters pant this way, that you would like and love to come back and see the same picture for thousand of times, because every single new time, you do discover many and more interesting details. Thanks you , Mr. Diego Velazquez , you made me feel so special and inspired, by seeing this masterpiece live. I could imagine what effect his works had on the people of his time. Words have no power, when the art of great painters is speaking. Hats down fro Don Diego from Sevilla, the one and only.