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Which art gives birth to most masterpieces?


Living in the 21st century I can be honest with you that I’ve lost my path to the true meaning of art. So many people these days go to museums and theaters just because it is said to be a way of elevating your inner self. They are standing in front of single colored canvas quietly nodding and scratching their heads. Excuse me, for the slang, my fellow readers, but what the bloody hell do they see there?! What do you people stare at? Because I can see an enormous nothing and I am not afraid to say it out loud. Just another consecutive anonymous “artist” who thinks of himself as touched by the magical wand of the true ancient art. But…. is nothing the new form of art? If it makes nonsense it is definitely something of a great value with deep meaning implied??

In fact, I think that the Internet is changing the art. More and more young artists are looking for their inspiration in the search bar. Indeed, the Internet is a source through which you can get in touch with every single, living or not, part of the world, but why are you living at all if you depend on the virtual world rather than the one behind the screen? Lately, the Internet gave birth and stage to the so called modern poets who put a single word on a line, incoherent to the previous one if any, and contrary to my expectations they experience the excitement and the delight of the crowd’s attention.

I am not willing to accept that this kind of modern art is the one that will remain in time. I strongly believe in people’s individualism and their spanless abilities to unwind their hidden potential. The human being himself is the true art that gives birth to most masterpieces. His exceptional nature and self-consciousness are the engines that fueled and still fuel the gist of the mastery. So go and grab your veiled art cores and outspread them to the world.