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Da Vinci – endless talent


Good day , dear guest, visitor or just single man and woman, who somehow come across this nice place. Here is this cozy place, I like you to feel in a special mood, to be touched and provoked by any kind of art , which occur to appear in a post. Unfortunately we live in times, in which people are spending more time in internet then doing any other activity, no matter if speak about sports, reading, meeting with friends or just going outside.

Now you are having time and I promise you , that on your attention will be proposed a very nice post. When I start writing about marvelous , genius painters , I feel like a small piece of the universe, who is trying to give marks of something, that even words do not have power to describe. But since I was a little boy, I had a dream, to write all the things that made me impression.

One of that marvelous and honorable figures is Leonardo Da Vinci. Even in the place I live, we have a street named after this noble painter. If you can pronounce the name several times, you will find some magic, music and harmony in it. He mas meant to be not just the one form the crowd, but the shining and allure man, who will change destiny and give to the world many masterpieces.

The interesting thing is that Leonardo, was not only a painter. He was in search of the perfect proportions in Universe, he was mathematician , engineer, anatomy fanatic and just a man, who wanted to invent more and more. I call people with such spirit, the ones who never sleep. “Mona Lisa ” and ” Secret dinner” are not just paintings, they are directions to another dimensions.I have read and watched many books and movies about those to masterpieces. I friend of mine even lived in Paris and in Luver where ” Mona LIsa ” is, he said that when people go and watch this painting, no one even breaths. He says that this painting hypnotizes you, I can believe him, because many scientist say that there are many things and symbols in it.

Leonardo Da Vinci lived and suffered, painted and was trying to solve many problems. He was like a star, which definitely knew its direction and destination. Even with paralyzed right hand he continued working till his last day. Before he died, he said ” Medici made me ( created me ) and Medici killed me”. On his death ceremony the coffin was followed by 60 beggars.

I feel every time sad, when the story has to end. I feel also sorry, because many times I wanted to live in the times, when such people like Leonardo da Vinci lived, to meet them , to speak with them, to discuss some  things, even just to drink a cup of coffee and speak about the stars. But however in our time, we have Internet and electrical cars, soon we will invade and inhabit the space , but even then I would take with me some of my favorite reproductions of Mr. Da Vinci. Be good , dear freinds 🙂