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Boulevard of broken dreams


Dear readers,

I am not going to lie to you, sometimes, love and happiness don’t shine on dark days. One day, you might lose your lover, or you might lose yourself while waiting for him or her. And I don’t talk about someone with whom it just didn’t work out. But the person you poured all your love within their veins so they would never forget the way your arms embraced their body. But, we love and love and the next day we realize it could never be this way anymore, and then we leave and walk on our empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams.

Loss is the part of life that you can’t avoid. And the hardest thing is dealing with the absence, not only of the beloved one in the face of a girl or a boy, but of a person or another creature that was close to your heart. And you are going to need answers as much as you will need space from reality. Unfortunately, I experienced the loss of a close one and I wasn’t even at all prepared. It just happened. In this case, I am referring to the irretrievable loss that made me do anything and everything, while trying to escape that feeling of vacancy in my chest. I didn’t have the courage to look back at pictures for some good amount of time because it’s like a bullet to the back. Nothing could give me the closure I was so desperately craving for. I refused to speak about it, because somehow when you don’t talk about it, it’s like it never actually happened. However, I knew that there will come a day and I will have to admit the truth, but until then I preferred to let myself dream a little more. I could feel the beauty and the comfort of reveling in sadness. To stand there facing the naked truth which blows me a kiss that leaves me pale and moony. But, hey…the world doesn’t end when we do. Even though we all like to believe it does. I can sum up everything that I have learned about life: “It goes on” …and so should we.


To the one that I lost: I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye – that was the trouble – I wanted to kiss you good night – and there is a lot of difference. -Ernest Hemingway