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Different faces – spot the traces….


Good day , dear seekers of the answers or just observers of daily life and routine processes. Sometimes there is a strange feeling, do we only observe or it is a common thing to feel to be observed by someone.

I always admired the life and the flight of the birds, they just spread wings and look from above point of view to the surrounding picturesque moments. Unfortunately , we are not birds but as humans, we can spread and expand our imagination.

Every single day , I travel with the tube in my home city. And every day I see many faces I see many destinies and many features, why not traces which lead my imagination to some unknown directions.. Human face is like a  picture and painters are our : heart, soul, mind and brain.... When we have a combination of pure thoughts and positive feelings, the face of anyone shines so bright, that even the stars feel a bit jealousy.

The most eminent and powerful combination when there is a couple in love or a child with his mother or grandfather. Is only love that miracle essence of life, that makes people happy and smiley? I guess , yes. Because for love , there are no masks and hypocrite scenarios. Love is the power, that fuels the engines of every mortal , why not even the trace and destination of the immortal universe. Also , we are born from love and this is our path and karma, to search for it in details, in friends , in beloved ones or just in the color of our dreams….

I will travel today with the tube ,and probably will detect many and new element , traces and smiling signs on the faces of the people down there. Faces are our keys, not only for communication, but also for flying. Yes we fly in our thoughts, feelings and good and bad moments. We can all be birds if we want to…..