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Dancing with , or like the wind?


Dear readers,

In this snowy, but sunny day I would like to share with you one of my feverish dreams. As children, all of us have dreamed about being princesses, soldiers, superheroes and kings, creating their own worlds and making friendships with the help of the boundless imagination. The unsoiled imagination that enabled us to speak with animals and do magic spells, teleported me in the ballet hall.

The ballet art won my heart at the age of four, when one warm afternoon I came under the sway of Swan Lake on my TV. Since then I was captivated by the charisma and how some fixed steps, linked to each other in canonical ways can be combined and create an infinite variety of dances. Twirl and spin and again twirl in circles I was practicing what I have seen on the screen all day long. Through the fine movement of their bodies, they were able to touch and inspire, not only me, but all people around them. But behind those precious figures, stay many emaciating rehearsals requiring muscles that you didn’t even know existed. To become a professional one you need a lot of time every day and a long, lean and thin pose of your body, all the way down to your feet.

And the efforts all pay off when you hear the music. The feeling of being on the stage ready to show your hard work and feel the energy of the audience is simply irreplaceable. I have never had the chance to dance in pointe shoes, but I have experienced this many times. The music, the freedom, the energy…is what brought me back to the day in front of the screen…To possess the fleetness of the wind is what makes you a true dancer.