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Erase the matrix – new ideas


Back in the day, Imannuel Kant explained the Enlightenment as a state that person achieves when he is no longer immature. In this context, immaturity to him was the disability to think on your own and to rely on the others to take decision on your behalf.

Now to bring you back in the 21 century and to make you present with the topic I would replace the term Enlightenment by something like the creativity. And the situations now become identical. If you manage to explore your inner world and reach a new level of creativity, beyond the one that we have by default, you will be simply a bit elevated in the beginning. The self-independence you have just started to gain will erase the matrix and give birth to the new ideas. Because the ideas are what the modern world is chasing for. The consumer society which we are part of is in an inevitable change of moods and interests. This kind of community needs new faces with fresh ideas ready to be sold to the marked. The constant hunger for information and entertainment is making the world goes round…as well as the money. People are being financially encouraged to give up on their couch potato lives and use their brains. The laziness and the cowardice is stigmatized by Imannuel Kant centuries ago in order to make people think critically. Following the rut is just the kindergarten period of your development, so take your time and rise above it.

Each of you, my dear readers, holds his own infinite universe. Stand out of the crowd and make a step into outfield. Dive into the waterfall of ideas and submit something new to the spectators.