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Writings(paintings) on the wall


Where are we and what we are in search of? Are we just normal people walking everyday to work school , university? Are we in search of our love and friends? Or there is something bigger then us? Something that watches and counts every single step we have and every breath we take ….

Art , especially street art is something that bring and gave me a lot of inspiration. It is and it was the modern way of blogging and sharing your opinion about the world and its problems. You see so many writings and graffiti, which can change upside-down all your world and perceptions.

I love to see many writing on the walls of the buildings. It does not matter if they are about love, hate some slogans or just something which came from the heart and needed place and times to get expressed. Also I do not mind the colors, the point is if the author gave something from his/her soul or just some scratches for wasting time. Those artists never lose their time…

Imagine if some one catches them , they will be convicted for making a crime, but they just make our grey life look a little bit more colorful. One amazing quote , which I saw on the wall 20 years ago , which made me think about it for at least a year was : ” If elections could change something, the government would have banned and restricted them”. Even if you like reading a lot, there are some phrases and directions in life, which you see only on the walls…..

In conclusion , I would like to thank to all painters of graffiti. They are like white eagles – pure, free and with great power and dignity. They express themselves better than anyone else. Just imagine they do not have dogmas, bosses and targets. They have only a blank, ugly space … All other is imagination and masterpiece comes, after many hours of thinking, painting and exploration. If you see a graffiti or a writing which makes sense, take picture of it, write it or share it… Those artists deserve it.