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Tattoos never lie …..


Hey, you. Yes , you – the one that is hesitating to enter this blog. I know you are curious. This is one of the main human feature, to search and to want to know many new things. Yes, I am speaking to you , take a cup of coffee , push the volume of your favorite music and feel comfortable, while I will be telling you a story…

In human nature it is implemented the will to stay from the crowd, to be different , or just to express yourself in a way , that you will be remembered for a long period of time. We are very interesting “birds”: on one hand, we want to be treated as part of the whole, on the other we suffer ,when identity is deeply hidden in the shadows of neglect. So , I will now not neglect anything…

Our body is a sacred thing, maybe it is the projection of God’s plans or just the next step of the evolution of mankind, life, space or just our stop on the row of many incarnations. Some of us, want to leave something as a trace or sign on that body. It does not matter if it will be a small tattoo , some piercing , or just something…. But here come the fear , if I do not like this tattoo in 5 years of time, or the inner blaming and guilty start to speak, which will try to make us hesitate and feel far away from our level of harmony…

I will tell you one more thing. You all know what is ” Yakudza“, the famous clan of Japanese mafia. They are very severe, have structure like samurais before and do have their all bodies covered with tattoos, it is like a Japanese motion picture… I like those guys, who are all covered with stories of their lifes. This is like a book, that you read every time when you look at the mirror or when someone looks at you. You cannot feel shame or fear, you somehow  are naked, even covered with all this tattoos. There are 2 things you cannot escape from : your shadow and your past….

This is a weird post 🙂 I want to make myself a lot of tattoos,and this will start soon. I do not try to convince you to make one.. I am trying to explain myself what tattoos symbolize … And remember, it does not matter in what period of your life, you have made your one or many tattoos, does not matter if they are beautiful or ugly- They NEVER LIE !!!!!!!!!