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Books – friends or enemies


Good morning, dear readers. There will be days and times, when reading will be the most powerful weapon. Also books will be and are the post influential means for surviving in a world, where anything about a person can be traces, filed or just spied.

There was a novel of Ray Bradbury, about a police in a future time, when all the people reading books, where chased and imprisoned and all the books held by them where burnt. The name of the article is : ” Fahrenheit 451 “. If you think seriously on the matter you will realize that Bradbury and me, are on the right path…

Which people like to read and discover new worlds ? Which one want to find truths and ways, different in the news and in the mass media manipulative field ? Maybe those, who want to be independent. For the ” New World Order ” independent and thinking people are a great thread. A thread that cause great damage.

I have a proposal for you. Let’s make an experiment, take 10 hours from your precious times. You will have 2 times per 10 hours. In the first part of the exam, you ill watch for that period of time only TV broadcasting, on the second part you will read one book, or part of books with short stories. After you are finished with the both parts of the experiment, take a sheet of paper and write the top 10 things you learned fro TV and from the books.

One last thing before I leave you for today. One very good friend of mine said, how to make a good valuation of a person. If you are invited in his home, just look at his/her library and what books are there. Books always give the correct answers. Just like tattoos, they do not lie but point and lead you on the right way to ….WISDOM.