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Little prince – a love which loves alone


Dear reader,

I have been avoiding to talk and write about love, because I am the least competent person to give you pieces of advice or discuss it at all. But here I am. You never know what is waiting for you behind the corner. However, I can assure you what is not waiting for me behind the corner – a lover.

Le petit prince taught me to look beyond the surface of things of our daily life and the people we meet. Maybe this is the reason why I still haven’t found the love I have been looking for. The flowers on the Earth are so airy, empty and dry and I am thirsty for a decent conversation and a little bit of understanding. While the reality in which I live is so twisted and perverted. The relationships if they can be called this way are disgusting and exist only for the…wreck of the ships…But where did the chivalry go? I constantly catch myself daydreaming about this anonymous rose with a flower in his hand and good manners in his pocket. Carefully following all my moves and watching me in the eye while I ardently talk about my passion. Unfortunately, respect, trust, honesty and love are words that became extinct and unfamiliar to my coevals. And the loneliness that came over me and became my shadow forced me go to my own planet in order to survive those heartless times. From my experience, I hardly doubt that there are any roses left, but I still have a slight hope that mine is somewhere around, building a life for himself. Until then I will switch off my emotions and build a life for myself too.