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Why music heals ?


Good evening, dear beloved fans. You know that this blog will become enormous, I am positive about it. I feel it, like I feel the wind of change and the upcoming of new seasons , also the smiles which this post will take directly from your hearts.

I am now listening to superb music . It is a Russian house radio station 101.ru. It is just huge, enormous and shaking. I love techno, house, trance, drum & bass, fusion, smooth jazz and all the eloquence and innovation in electronic music. It is the future and the future is now.

One of my favorite bands is ” Depeche mode“. They are one of the innovators and first composers of this type of music. When you listen to electronic music is like the space is whispering in your hears? Yes, some people take drugs, while they go to such parties, maybe some pills only while the concert is lasting. I did not take any. I want to enjoy the music in its finest…

You see the word heal in the title of the post. No, I was not sick to be cured. I was out of muse. Do you know how bad is for author to fall deep into the realm of total “nothing”. All of you knew perfectly well what is the ” black nothing”. It is like a space, a sport from which you cannot escape. This space is taking your powers and does not let you go to create whatever….

Now back to the electronic music. In such special period of my life, this gift from the God, bring me back on the road of creativity. Maybe I see in it my chaos, or I see some parts of me, which I have not seen and noticed before. Maybe this faces and astral projections on inner me, turned all the changes and started a new era in writing(this you will say , dear reader or visitor 🙂 Electronic music somehow helped me to create 99% of the articles in my other 2 blogs as well ( www.toppix12fix.com and www.feel-bg.com).

When I fall in the rhythm, I start to write like hypnotized. It is like I turn into a trance and I am surfing over  large waves. One after another words come, thoughts are beginning to shine and glitter. In some of the paragraphs you see sadness, in another humor, in third ones, you just want to smile and enter into my world…

Yes,  I am healed, because I can express myself, give a flight and freedom to my soul. I can also spread me dreams and share my crazy abstract visions with braveness and courage. It is a courage of the self-esteemed pilot, who knows that even after his plane crashes , he has a paratroop and the world is more beautiful when you see it directly and when the wind smiles in your eyes. Good night, my precious… Art and techno – amazing combination(trust me :)))))