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Is the sky always sad?


Dear readers,

Yesterday I were travelling back home on the back seat and as a professional actress I started gazing into the endless sky. No, I am not an actress, I just love doing it like in the movies and I can even compose the background music in my head. In no time, I find myself completely separated from the physical world around me and my initial idea of starring in a movie.

The sky encourages you to spread your wings and dive into your thoughts. You might solve your problems while quietly staring at it or absolutely shut your worries and makes you take pleasure of its magnificence. What I love to think about is that whenever and wherever I am in this world, on a hundred miles from home or another place or person we would always be under the same sky. This fact has the power to bring you close to people you might never meet, but wish to.

Clearly, the sky is not always sad. It just acknowledges the signals you unconsciously send him. The sky might be your “vent” as well as your canvas and your thoughts are the brush. Take a look at the sunset today and share with me what did it evoke in you?