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Information killed individuality


Hello to you – all. It is interesting, that writing is like a great hunger, as more as you write , as more you like to have plenty of content. Words have the power to transfer you to a world of magic. I do not If I am caught or I am a victim by a magician or his “special ” spell , but I am continuing in my writing roads...

We live in a very dynamic times. Each day technologies are invented and put far away from our stop points of interception and imagination. Maybe this boom of new tech ideas and start-ups, killed more or less from our individual spirit and power..

When you walked out your room, went to work each day, what are you feeling? Is there anything that can disturb you, or that cannot be healed by someone. Is any reason because of which you cannot sleep, or you have to make it alone and solve the problem?Unfortunately we ” dive ” and “surf” in the ocean of immense information. It does not matter if we speak about Internet, media , radios, different music or many mentors on the streets , even in the tube, which want to help you and to explain you their most correct and right point of view….

The biggest enemy of individuality it the process of stop thinking. When you have answers in all the sources you are having access to, it is supposed that you are happy person and you can do your daily routine as robot. Machines and robots do not have feelings – by now…

I want to emphasize one thing. If we lose out ability to think and to answer the smart questions, we will be dead inside and easy to be manipulated. Thinking is like breathing. One teacher of mine told me : ” If you stop thinking and let yourself on the flow of all this information, you are lost. Lost souls cannot make it alone and the new tech “gurus” help them living without usage of their brains“.

Yes, this is a long post. I suggest you to read it twice or three times, you will not regret this choice. Wonderful day from me. And.. never stop thinking :):):)