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Turn demons onto angels, who can make it ?


Turning an evil into a pure soul seems like mission impossible to most of you. But focus on the verb in the previous statement – seems. Seems doesn’t mean that something is a hundred percent destined to or not happen. Would you say that the sinners never ask for someone’s forgiveness? I hardly doubt it. We all make mistakes, but not everyone acknowledge the guilt in public.

Above all stays love.
Love is the power that makes you feel coming back home from a long journey when you are not at all. It can move mountains and calm raging oceans. It is the spark that kindles the fire of a rebellion in the Beast’s heart. Love is the one power that can change a person. However, love standing alone is less powerful. It should find its material environment with a beating heart to perform its choreography. Probably it will be a tough task to transform one’s nature, but can surely make one consider his decisions and perspectives. Isn’t that the main idea? We can’t be blamed for who we are, because that’s the way we are born, but the reconsideration of your acts can initiate the reversal of your inner world.


I can’t wait for the new version of Beauty and the Beast. Grimm’s story of the hidden beauty within never gets old.