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Stars behind the clouds


The “workhouses” behind every successful person carry the heaviest loads, pay the highest price and are almost never under the light. This is how this is how the society and the media world work out. Sometimes the greatest stay behind the veil.

Lately, I have been searching the Internet for anything and everything concerning the climbing of the Everest summit. And do you know what surprised me? Or no…it actually didn’t – the sherpas (natives which do 90% of the efforts and work required to climb the top) risk their lives for their clients and when their clients go back home they pretend they did it all by themselves. And the sherpas are not the only example of this unexplainable behavior. I have watched more than one award show where when the winner in the face of a singer or an actor is announced to receive his award, he or she 50% of the time doesn’t not even thank to the person he owns this to. Half of the success of the faces in the media is with the help of the writers and composers and managers and advertisers and so on and so forth. Look how many people form the stable backbone of this person or of a whole company

…and the just the representing face wins the public recognition.