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Desert rose of hope


I always like and liked to think about things in a kind of a different way. It could be abstract, also It can be mathematical or just the point of view of an artist.

The heading seems to me very interesting and provoking. For 3 weeks now, I cannot make it and just sit and write about this case. It is good when you can sweat yourself to death. Do you know that any author before creating what ever masterpiece or just a kiddo(this is how I call my posts) , sees some pictures in his mind or dreams? When you have the right color, you just sit and start painting. I got the idea of the picture, but did not know which exact colors to use. No lets see how fair and confident enough I am 🙂

To plant something is a very interesting and responsible process. When we are young and free, our relatives and our family are planting deep in our hearts the seeds of love, faith and devotion..

  1.  If you believe in love, then you will have the spirit and the fuel for endless and infinite hope. Hope and love are like two best friends, who even when they are split on two, always find the way to meet at the exact time.
  2. Faith – for me this is the candle of life. Faith is the engine , which brings us close to our dreams, close to the miracles and turn them onto real stories. If we do have faith, then no desert can cross or put us aside from our way…
  3. Do you know that there are any different red colors? I am using just the red ones, cause red roses are the symbol of love and maybe the perception of that love, which can or cannot happen. Sometimes irony in life is hard to be understood. Roses have that persistent characteristic to stay always close to the way of passion. Passion will be alive even when our world or planet is gone. Passion is also the sister of devotion, if you are not devoted enough what passion could heal or burn all upside-down your world, heart and perception.

Everything comes and end in the family. If you feel or have been behaved well, there will be no “desert rose of hope”. If not, there are good friends and also everyday live is the best teacher. I will go know and try to teach something from the 3 interesting books, that I am reading at the moment……