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You are a robot ?!?


It is interesting in what direction our planet and our development is going. Maybe the most readable authors, will be the ones who see that the future is now. The future with all these machines, GSM-s, smart phones, computers.

All is done, in order a human to become more dependable from electronics, dependable from another brain and logical compounds. At some points, yes – we human creatures , we have become robots. We have turned onto weak children, who are always on the spot to download the latest version of something, or to buy the new Tesla, the new Mac or to be in the next new movie of consuming….

I like the new technologies, but.. There are a lot of great buts …… Let’s check some of them:

  1. But we have hearts, soul and brain. What is happening with them since the tech revolution..
  2. But, we are supposed to be the mothers and fathers of these robots and machines…
  3. But somehow the roles have been changed, without any enforcement …
  4. But, who will read books in future, we or robots, we-the robots, or books will be electric projection  of our lost past and future…
  5. But, game is lost when every single individual is totally manipulated….

And I do believe that we can save our selves and our human image. Somehow faith and dignity is making proud that I am a human so far :):):)

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