Story Preview

A final-year female student at the University of Lagos sitting for an exam unknowingly became a star witness after strangely receiving an email notification containing a video evidence of murder of a high-profile family in Russia. An email meant for a journalist in Russia mistakenly found its way to Bernice in the exam hall of the university.

Reader's Mission

Hello Reader, Your task is to guide the student to make the right decisions to stay alive to deliver the video evidence to the right authorities on campus. The sender of the email has been murdered in Russia and Bernice is the next person to be victimized. For her to live or die rests on the decisions you make in every chapter of the book in the next 15 minutes. Good luck reader! No time to waste; make the right decisions and make them fast. You're competing in real time with other readers online for cash prizes for the top-ten-ranked readers.